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Lots of people have helped me since I first set up Portable Poetry. This is where I nod and bow to them from my virtual stage in cyberspace.


First big thanks goes to Maria Catuna. "Sao" has been an activer promoter, advisor, talker-out-of-barmy-ideas and encourager, since the word go . None of this would exist without her (well, it might, but it would probably look like the back of a bleach bottle).

Without the initial encouragment of Fred Desnoes, this idea would still be gathering dust at the back of my mind. I can still remember that first conversation, when you said "mais, c'est un super idee!" (or words to that effect). Merci, Fred (et on attend toujours la version francaise!)

In these days of multi-million dot com floats, thanks to Alice for helping me keep my feet on the ground and forever reminding me that there are more important things in life (i.e. catfood). Miaaoooww. Afterword: Alice passed away in September 2001 - she's missed lots but I'm sure she's keeping an eye on things for me in cyber-heaven!

Thanks to Fiona Ni Chinneide, writer, raconteur, professional websurfer, for talking, in the face of general indifference, to all of Dublin about Portable Poetry. Go raibh maith agat, Fiona!

Thanks to Rory Woodcock for looking after the rest of the country! Don't you have anything else to talk about?! Thanks Woody!

Nods and bows to Ciaran Casey for giving me plenty of feedback on the site. Also for actually spotting some whopping great big spelling and grammar mistakes. Cheers, Ciaran. (click here for Ciaran's website).

Thanks too to the Computimes section of The Irish Times for actually including my site in their monitor column one week (and I didn't even have to bribe them!)

Additional thanks and hellos to these people: Ma and Pa Penny, Michael Perkins, Mary Penny (without whom I would never have read Web Design in a Nustshell), Karl Van den Bergh, Ger Penny, Alex, Clodagh, Scott, Sean O'Maille and Edel, (for always carrying the booklet)..., Bertrand Humel (un vrai pote!),Olivier K., Mary Grehan (Sam is here!), Frederic Nozais

Thanks to Ian Hayes and Alan Stone for some good ideas and suggestions for the site.

Thanks to Rory O'Kelly for putting me on to some other decent poetry sites (click here for Rory's web page)

I've missed you, haven't I? Go on,