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SirPhilip Sidney : Astrophil and Stella (84)

Highway since you my chief Parnassus1 be,
	And that my Muse to some ears not unsweet
	Tempers her words to trampling horses’ feet,
More oft than to a chamber melody;
Now blessed you, bear onward blessed me
	To her, where I my heart safeliest shall meet,
	My Muse and I must you of duty greet
With thanks and wishes, wishing thankfully.
	Be you still fair, honour’d by public heed,
By no encroachement wrong’d, nor time forgot:
Nor blam’d for blood, nor sham’d for sinful deed.
And that you know, I envy you no lot
	Of highest wish, I wish you so much bliss,
	Hundreds of years you Stella’s feet may kiss. 

SirPhilip Sidney (1554-1586)	P.1591

1 the Greek mountain home of the muses (i.e. the poet is on a journey to meet Stella)

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