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SirPhilip Sidney : Astrophil and Stella (63)

O grammar rules, O now your virtues show;
	So children still read you with awful1 eyes,
	As my young dove may in your precepts wise
Her grant to me, by her own virtue know.
For late with heart most high, with eyes most low,
	I crav'd the thing which ever she denies:
	She lightning Love, displaying Venus'2 skies,
Least once should not be heard, twice said, No, No. 
	Sing then my Muse, now Io Pean3 sing, 
Heavíns envy not at my high triumphing:
But grammarís force with sweet success confirm:
	For grammar says (O this dear Stella weigh,)
	For grammar says (to grammar who says nay)
That in one speech two negatives affirm. 

SirPhilip Sidney (1554-1586)	P.1591

1 awe-filled; 2 Italian goddess of love; 3 hymn of thanksgiving

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