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SirPhilip Sidney : Astrophil and Stella (49)

I on my horse, and Love on me doth try
	Our horsemanships, while by strange work I prove
	A horseman to my horse, a horse to Love;
And now man's wrongs in me, poor beast, descry.
The reins wherewith my rider doth me tie,
	Are humbled thoughts, which bit of reverence
	Curb’d in with fear, but with guilt boss1 above
Of Hope, which makes it seem fair to the eye.
	The wand2 is Will; thou, Fancy, saddle art,
Girt fast by memory, and while I spur
My horse, he spurs with sharp desire my heart:
He sits me fast, however I do stir:
	And now hath made me to his hand so right,
	That in the manage myself takes delight. 

SirPhilip Sidney (1554-1586)	P.1591

1 gilt stud; 2 whip

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