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SirPhilip Sidney : Astrophil and Stella (41)

Having this day my horse, my hand, my lance
	Guided so well, that I obtain’d the prize,
	Both by the judgement of the English eyes,
And of some sent from that sweet enemy France;
Horsemen my skill in horsemanship advance,
	Town-folks my strength; a daintier1 judge applies
	His praise to sleight2, which from good use3 doth
Some lucky wits impute it but to chance;
	Others, because of both sides4 I do take
My blood from them, who did excel in this,
Think Nature me a man of arms did make.
How far they shoot awry! the true cause is,
	Stella look’d on, and from her heavenly face
	Sent forth the beams, which made so fair my race.

SirPhilip Sidney (1554-1586)	P.1591

1 fastidious; 2 skill; 3 practise; 4 both sides of the family

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