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SirPhilip Sidney : Astrophil and Stella (23)

The curious wits, seeing dull pensiveness
	Bewray1 itself in my long settled eyes,
	Whence those same fumes of melancholy rise,
With idle pains, and missing aim, do guess.
Some that know how my spring I did address,
	Deem that my Muse some fruit of knowledge plies:
	Others, because the prince my service tries,
Think that I think state errors to redress.
	But harder judges judge ambition’s rage,
Scourge of itself, still climbing slipp’ry place,
Holds my young brain captiv’d in golden cage.
O fools, or over-wise, alas the race
	Of all my thoughts hath neither stop nor start,
	But only Stella’s eyes and Stella’s heart. 

SirPhilip Sidney (1554-1586)	P.1591

1 betray

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