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Jonathan Swift : A Description of the Morning

Now hardly here and there a hackney-coach
Appearing, showed the ruddy morn's approach.
Now Betty from her master's bed had flown,
And softly stole to discompose her own;
The slip-shod 'prentice from his master's door
Had pared the dirt and sprinkled round the floor.
Now Moll had whirled her mop with dext'rous airs,
Prepared to scrub the entry and the stairs.
The youth with broomy stumps began to trace
The kennel-edge1, where wheels had worn the place,
The small-coal man2 was heard with cadence deep,
Till drowned in shriller notes of chimney-sweep:
Duns3 at his lordship's gate began to meet;
And brickdust4 Moll had screamed through half the
The turnkey now his flock returning sees,
Duly let out a-nights to steal for fees5:
The watchful bailiffs take their silent stands,
And schoolboys lag with satchels in their hands.

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)	1709

1 the curb; 2 charcoal seller; 3 debt collectors, 4 brick dust was sold to clean knives; 5 corrupt jailers allowed their charges out at night to steal money to pay for privileges;

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