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Dear Kind Soul,

I'm not pretending this is the most extensive list of poetry links you'll find on the net (though if I was, you wouldn't believe me anyway, would you?) Besides, on first perusal, you may find these links a little eclectic - certainly the accent is on poetry, but I've also included links on such topics as bookbinding, printing, paper, mythology, scripting and computers. What connects most of them is that I've found them useful in my work with Portable Poetry; however some are just shameless plugs, included because I like them and think they deserve a visit.


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Strictly Poetry Links
General Literary Links
Sites for Poets and Writers
Printing, Bookbinding, and Publishing Sites
Reference Sites
Web Design, Scripting, Computer Links
My Favourite Stuff

Strictly Poetry Links

Sites with Poetry by a Variety of Poets
Representative Poetry On-Line
From the Univeristy of Toronto, Canada. Doesn't have all the poems and all the poets, the design is simple, but this site is at the top of my list as far as sites for general poetry goes. It's exactly what it says it is - a representative selection of work by all the major and many of the secondary poets of the English language. An excellent, authoritative reference. Highly recommended.
Poets' Corner
Pretty impressive site for one that started as a "pastime." Lots of poets (approx. 700 and growing) here plus plenty of other stuff. Well worth a visit.
Project Gutenberg
Not strictly a poetry only site but this is without doubt the reference in terms of public domain collections. An ongoing project, very much in the spirit of the Internet. No set of bookmarks should be without it.
vers libre
Classy. Nice design (if you're into that sort of thing, of course). Oh, and plenty of poems too, with attention paid to the format on the screen which isn't always the case with on-line poetry collections. Includes a random poem generator.
Ambitious. Possibly a site to watch, but there's enough there for the moment. Rather a commercial venture, complete with sponsors' banners but thought has gone into the design and some people might find it useful.
Sites Dedicated to Particular Poets
The William Blake Archive
This is actually free?! Amazing. Go there now. Top of my list.
Blake Digital Text Project
William Blake site. I like it, especially the design. Makes me jealous... Anyway, plenty of nice graphics, and nice use of hypertext. Recommended.
The Blake Multimedia Project
William Blake again. This is really nice - from this site you can download hypertext editions of Blake's illuminated books. Personally I haven't done so (yet) but the samples presented are very tempting. If you have the time and the bandwidth (the smallest version is 4MB), it should be well worth the effort saving one of these babies onto your hard disk.
The Lord Byron Home Page
I did a net search for Lord Byron and found this. It's not exactly loaded with stuff but it's as good a starting place as any. Follow the links to the Lord Byron Web Ring.
Virtual Emily
I love the name! The site's good too. Oh, in case you hadn't guessed, it's about Emily Dickinson.
The Works of John Donne
This is a well designed site, dedicated to John Donne. It also makes use of the internet's multimedia capacities and provides some of the poems in audio form which is nice. Updated regurarly from the looks of things. Some of the poems are actually links to other sites which is a pity because it spoils the harmony of the design.
The Thomas Hardy Association
"...founded in 1997 to promote the study and appreciation of Hardy's writings in every corner of the world." Modest...not! But judging by the quality of the site, these people mean business and they may very well succeed. If you're interested in Hardy, this should be one of your first stopping-off points.
Sites Dedicated to a Particular Theme/Period/Style
The relevant category in Yahoo
As good a place to start as any.
Methaphysical Poetry
This is actually a collection of links, organised and appraised by the web master. Metaphysical poets, including Donne, Herbert and some other poets I've never heard of at least. Aimed at the academic reader including links to teaching resources. If that's what you're looking for, then this site should keep you happy.
Poetry Publishers
Salmon Poetry
Salmon poetry, based in county Clare, Ireland, has a fine reputation as an independent publishing house. The site is really good too because, not only is it nicely designed and easy to navigate around, but it has a personal feel - there are disparate bits and pieces including a diary (alas, not updated often enough - doubly alas because it's well written and has some interesting things to say about poetry publishing.) An interesting quote: "The bread and butter of small press publishing is direct sales" which may well be true and which is backed up by direct action - you can buy Salmon's excellent books online. If you're a poet or a writer you might be interested in picking up a copy of their "Portable Creative Writing Course" or in entering their bi-annual competition. You can also subscribe to their weekly selected poem by e-mail if you want to discover some new poets. Oh, and there's also a discussion forum on poetry too. Nuff said.

General Literary Links

I'm working on it. Patience, child...

Sites for Poets and Writers

Dublin Writer's Workshop
This is, as the name suggests, the web site of the Dublin Writer's Workshop. Is that stating the obvious, or what? Anyway, even if you're not from Dublin or not from Ireland, but you are a writer or poet, I strongly recommend you go here. You can submit your work in an open discussion forum and have it dissected and reviewed to your heart's content.
Salmon Poetry
See the poetry publishers section but it belongs here too, I think. Some excellent resources and, who knows, they could be the publisher for your poetry.

Printing, Bookbinding, and Publishing Sites

I'm working on it. Patience, child...

Reference Sites

I'm working on it. Patience, child...

Web Design, Scripting, Computer Links

I'm working on it. Patience, child...

My Favourite Stuff

Vertune Services
When you need things done in faraway places.
The Hunger Site
This is a great site. You just have to click on a button on the site to donate rice to some one hungry somewhere in the world. It's all paid for by sponsors and you can donate rice once a day. It's also got links to sites promoting other good causes such as landmine removal and saving the rainforest. It should be in everyone's bookmarks.
The Hapless Dilettante News
An aesthete's delight and bleedin' hilarious into the bargin! Off the wall but definitely one of the gems of the web. The Samuel Beckett interviews are my favourite (especially the one with John Lennon).
Vero is a friend of mine. She lives in Switzerland and some years ago she took the very brave decision of radically changing career from engineering to become a fully trained mountain guide in the Alps. This is her web site - there's a link on there to the English version. So if you fancy doing some walking in the Alps, you know where to look.